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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

All in a text editor, eh?

Have always been a fan of the "vim " command on unix. It is usually the most powerful command I use due to the fact that I use it to change the config files for just about everything.

Two reasons I like vim:
1. Very simple to look at as an experienced user, but extremely hard to look at as a beginner. A great way to show off skills.
2. On a more serious note, it allows for greater viewing space especially on a small monitor without too much resolution. It is a blank screen for crying out loud; therefore, you can use the whole screen to edit whatever file you want to.

I have no aversion to emacs, joe, pico, nano or any of the other editors. I just like vim because I have been used to it for a while now. Initially when I started out learning linux I spent some time actually learning the vi commands. Gradually I got used to doing the "Esc + wq" and things of that sort and eventually I couldn't live without it.

The bad side effect of all this is of course that I can't use a text editor like notepad anymore. Everytime I finish a paragraph or want to take a break from writing I keep pressing Esc+wq. Very frustrating when working in windows.

Anyone else have this problem?