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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Something is better than nothing...

Well, if not getting them all out at least the Indians finished off the top order. Although I must admit that Abdur Razzaq is playing very well. He will have to carry this innings on his own shoulders from here onwards. But, if the Indians want to win this game they need to mop up the tail by lunch tomorrow. They must not let the Pakistanis bat too long. Besides by that time probably the follow on target would have been reached. But, even then I would suggest Dravid to still enforce the follow on and see what happens.

However, I have never seen an Indian captain do that before. I expect he will bat for one session expecting his players to put in atleast another 100 runs or so before he will declare let the Pakistanis have a go at it. He must think aggressive and get the game to stage from where he can win. Whatever strategy they use they must play to win now not for a draw. It would be foolish. The onus is still on India.