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Monday, March 29, 2004

What a blinder!

Damn! That will sum up the Pakistani reaction in one word after the first 2 days of the 1st test between the old rivals. I don't think Pakistan expected the Indian team to be that professional and complete in their approach to the game on the first two days. All thanks to Sehwag of course, who has had a great innings and will go down in history as the first Indian to ever cross the magical, no no the mythical 300 run mark all by himself. It is a great thing for the country but in my mind it was overdue. VVS or Dravid or even Tendulkar should have achieved this a long time ago. Hopefully, this 309 will atleast spur on others to follow in his footsteps. Any test team needs people who can bat long hours at a stretch and play the anchor role. Though Sehwag was the opener he played the anchor role to perfection.

If Dravid is smart now he should not let this innings go to a waste. Make sure that you extract maximum purchase from the pitch and get the Pakistanis all out by the end of 3rd days play. If that can be achieved that would be a heavenly position to be in so early in the series. The onus will clearly be on Pakistan to prove everyone wrong. Dravid needs to make sure that this does not end in a draw. This was a wonderful first innings. They shouldn't have to bat again this test match. That should be the final goal. Ideally from now on Pakistan's second innings should be coming to a close in about 48 hours or so. All the efforts must be made to stop the game from going to the 5th day. 5th day is a nightmare for any team whether they are winning or losing.

This will turn out to be an interesting series after all... eh? :)