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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

What the f@$!

Well, I know I was talking about being aggressive and all but DAMN!!! They took it to another level. What a performance dammitt!!! This is so f***ing beautiful. I never knew they could crack them up that well. This will be historic indeed. An Indian team winning and that too comfortably in Pakistan. This calls for champagne and pretty much all the alcohol that's available in the subcontinent. Everyone better be prepared for one hell of a party tomorrow night...

This is unbelievable. Though I was not able to see the match I saw the scorecards and it floored me. I'm still recovering... This is unbelievable. India is on the brink of history right now and believe you me they can go on and win the freakin' series the way they are playing right now. This is an amazing high. I mean to defeat Pakistan in just over 4 days is absolutely unbelievable.

However, being the skeptic that I am always I'll still put my champagne on ice until that last wicket has been taken. Hopefully there are no surprises after this. Dravid it doesn't matter what anyone says right now, YOU ARE THE MAN!! You've made that 309 and sachin's 194 count for something and man does it count. They brought the team here and you made sure that their effort doesn't go to a waste. Way to go dawg. Kick some serious ass tomorrow and bring home the gold man. You'll be everyone's darling today....