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Thursday, April 22, 2004

So, who's Meenaxi...

Absolutely a wonderful visual treat. Which movie you ask? Why of course, 'Meenaxi: The tale of 3 cities'. Have never seen Gaja Gamini so I'm not familiar with Hussain's work. But, I was definitely impressed with what I saw here. It is one of those movies that does not tell you the story. It asks you to fabricate a story. This is definitely not a slam-bang formula movie with a few romantic scenes dispersed here and there.

It is a movie that is like a painting that is open to the viewer's interpretation. If you go in thinking that you will see a straightforward story with a few twists and a few songs you will be sorely disappointed. If those movies are up your alley then please don't waste your time because you will waste other's time after that bashing it for being disorienting. Spare us!

But, if you love to think through the story and understand that everything that it does is not for a reason but its there ready for a reason to be attached to it then this movie is for you. It is like gossamer as they say in cliched english. Its wonderful!! And its a visual treat to beat... I don't think anyone even the guy who doesn't appreciate the story can contest this fact. Santosh Sivan and Owais have done an absolutely stunning job with the visual choreography. The ample use of light and shadow gives a wonderful enigmatic feeling to Tabu throughout. Would definitely like to know more about Meenaxi if she were real... If only... If only...

I don't think I can wait until I watch it again... Just a couple more weeks before my exams get over and then its back to Meenaxi for a couple of days. Will be posting a lot more about the movie here... don't you worry.