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Thursday, April 01, 2004


This is probably the thought going through pakistan's mind right now. They've been flumoxed beyong expectation. They didn't expect such a dominant performance from their rivals. For that matter neither did the rivals expect such abject loss of confidence within the Pakistan team. The team is a bunch of wonderfully talented guys. But, without proper direction and leadership there is no way to bring them all together.

This is what Imran did very well and Wasim did to a certain extent. But Inzy definitely needs to work on his leadership and strategic skills. I hope Miandad can pull out all stops before the next test to get their pride back. They cannot lose on their home turf. The bowlers needs more focus and the batsmen need to understand the basic tenet of test cricket (playing the good balls and the letting the bad ones go). Understand test cricket, be patient get a feel for the flow of the game. Don't try to get the result, make it come to you. This means not trying to force runs where there aren't any. This means taking the chances that come by without looking back on them.

The batsmen need to be more patient and more assertive in their game play. They need to think positive and create positive energy on the field. Especially when they are fielding, they cannot be down on energy. This is where the team gets to be together and play for a single cause. The captain needs to maintain focus and make the right moves to let his team as well as the opposition know that he is in control of the proceedings.

Dravid did this so well this test. He kept the whole team under control. They didn't worry about the game or the strategy. They did what they thought was right and used the captain's input whenever it was necessary. They concentrated all their efforts on their speciality be it fielding, bowling or batting. Let the captain do the strategical work. He'll ask for help when he needs it. That's the way a captain is supposed to function, he needs to be open but that does not mean he can be influenced by everyone. He should maintain focus and direct the collective energy towards achieving the single goal. This is how a team works and this how matches and series are won, especially in foreign conditions.

GOOD LUCK INZY & PAKISTAN for the 2nd test. KEEP UP THE ENERGY DRAVID... you're gonna need it.