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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Masti: Arre waah, kya masti

This is possibly one of the worst Bollywood fares I have seen. Now, I am not going to go out and say that I have seen many bollywood movies these days. But maaan!!! I could not sit through more than 10 minutes of this movie. It is aboslutely horrible. It is a disgrace to the art of filmography. I mean this is absolutely terrible...

Firstly, there is no story to follow. The premise is just based on 3 guys who are unhappy with their family lives after having a great time in college. This part was okay but after that things take on such a double-meaning that it is impossible to even laugh. I mean it just feels dirty, not funny. There is a fine line between being funny and being an asshole shaking his thing on the screen.

I mean the first 3 songs have these 3 guys who have no clue how to act. I used to think Vivek Oberoi was goood but this movie may just change that... However, having not seen the whole movie I'm not going to pass any judgment on the story and its handling. Besides I don't think I'm ready to put myself through that movie again... Sorry, but it was terrible.

Wait up for a review of "Main Hoon Naa..." I'm watching it as I'm writing. It'll come up soon.