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Monday, May 10, 2004

Okay enough movies...

Well, summer break's here and that means more time for me to blog and do things I don't usually do such as sleep. Isn't that wonderful. Anyway, I have to talk about my latest infatuation -- Dancing. Hahaha. You can call it infatuation because I bought almost $200 worth of clothes figuring that I would dance. Well, being the wise man that I am I did buy them such that I could use them at other places too... But anyway that's beside the point.

The point is that now I'm learning Latin Dancing. I would post a few picture if I had any. Infact I'm searching for a few. It will be on here if I can find someone who actually took the pictures. My partner says I'm pretty good at it but damn I can't get the beat. I forget to go with the beat when I'm excited and just go with some tune in my head. BIG MISTAKE!!! Never do that especially if your partner knows how to dance. They will be frustrated and never dance with you again... Not the case here I'm happy to say.

Anyone out there into dancing the Merengue, Salsa and such. Drop a line. Maybe some tips and hints... Would appreciate it very much.


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