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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Bush: "We're still not safe!"

Well, no shit Mr. President. I'm not sure we were ever that safe. Besides the point is to not just make the borders safe, it is to attack the right people to make it safe.

Now, I admit I am not a big Bush supporter. In fact I'm undecided. But, I'm thinking of buying a Kerry-Edwards sticker for my car. Nevertheless, my vote for the Republicans is always open and I would always vote on issues and the candidate and not on the party. I believe everyone should do this and they should be better informed. Anyway, I digress...

First off, Mr. President has to order and bring in more forces to Afghanistan. Shift your focus from Iraq to Pakistan and Afghanistan. That's where the real terrorists are coming from. Now that Iraq is in a bit of a quagmire more of them are being converted over there too... It is a just a part of reality. There are many people who do want to be free. However, there are just as many trying to disrupt the process.

I am really afraid that Mr. President will go to war in 2005 against Iran. This is exactly why we must not re-elect. I would not put that past him at all... In fact I'm more than sure that's already being planned. This would be an absolute disaster in the middle-east. The security advisors should really think about whether this would be a good move. But a vote for re-election will only increase their confidence in silly measures. They will not be answerable to the people in the second term and they will do what they please. This must STOP!!!

Do not re-elect BUSH. Elect someone who can take the US out of Iraq in a graded fashion and make sure it doesn't become a powder-keg for the next war. Wars have never built nations, they have only destroyed them. If you think history tells your otherwise, then you need a crash course my friend.


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