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Saturday, September 04, 2004

New, New, New Blogger on the map people!!!!

Hello, after a long time to my readers (i.e. if there are any!!). Well, anyway I'm happy to welcome a very distant relative of mine onto the blogging scene. Please go visit him and give him your 2c about how he should develop his blog. He's startin' his MBA and gettin' extremely excited about it (don't know why tho!). Apparently, he's so excited he wants to create a blog about it.

Here's the plug for you man. Give us your insights and knowledge and enlighten the world about your MBA experience... Here's the linky:

Well, alright then. Watch out for my post soon (maybe in a few hours about the RNC that just concluded yesterday!). Also, a review of "Hero" starring Jet Li in the works too.


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