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Friday, September 10, 2004

This is gettin' really stupid...

Though I would vote for Kerry this time around if I could vote... he is acting like an idiot. First off stop attacking Bush about that Air National Guard thing. We all know he fucked up and we all know that we forgave him for this the last time around. They are going with a strategy that doesn't work and they're beating it down to death. It is stupid I tell ya!

Anyway, they need to attack Bush on what he has done wrong in Iraq and what he will do to the economy. Someone explain to me how you can rack up debts and still live the life of a millionaire. That is how Bush is expecting the US to live for the next 4 years. If I did that Credit Card companies would be knocking my door day in and day out and I would be in jail within the month. How the fuck is that supposed to work out. Explain the math please!

Talking about lighter things, I found out that people get depressed by watching TV. Maybe, I'm watching too much TV. I mean do only about an hour or so everyday (well, really its about 3!). Anyway, I'm reducing this TV diet to as small as possible and do other things like practice my Sax everyday. That should help right?!


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