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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A1 Grand Prix

Well, now that I have become extremely disillusioned with F1 I was searching out for new forms of racing that might be worth my time. I won't be leaving F1 but I'll catch it every now and then. I haven't followed the news closely on A1 Grand prix and its development since last year's bahrain GP. Looks like things are moving along well. They've already got a few teams and their entries.

What's more interesting is their business model and their procurement model for racing and the teams. The A1GP organization itself will supply the teams with chassis and engine and tyres. The teams are just responsbile for hiring the mechanics who can take care of the car during the season and do driver suggested improvements to the car. Real driver-based racing anyone? I'm all done and ready to watch this one. Besides India has its own team with its own flag in the series. How can I say now. Looks like Karun Chandhok is the frontrunner now since he is the most high-profile driver apart from karthikeyan out there now. I can't imagine the team owner Atul gupta going in any different direction. Unless there are some drivers that we haven't heard of at all.

I know there is an indian racing somewhere inteh US and he's supposed to be doing well. But, I think he's an american citizen so he might not count. Well, he's an NRI so that might count? Anyway, let's see how this shakes out. Looking forward to September at Brands Hatch. Wonder if SPEED TV will telecast this series. Considering that they have 2 races in the US I'd imagine they would. But then again not many TV deals have gone down for the A1 GP yet. So, let's wait and see.


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