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Monday, June 20, 2005

Arrogant, stiff-assed, millionaire playboys...

In a really pathetic show of how arrogant, rich and pathetic a bunch o' losers can be the F1 USGP yesterday evening was reduced to a farce of a race. If this had happened in any other country the police would have had to resort to using tear gas on the crowds for their rowdy behavior. These arrogant pricks were lucky they pulled this stunt in the US. Although in this case the danger is worse. They can wait to act and expect a few legal notices and a class-action lawsuit from the fans. I wouldn't be surprised if one happened and I would be a part of the lawsuit. I want my money back!

I spent nearly $500 just for myself and just for flying to Indy and buying the tickets. This is not counting the meals, the drinks the time, the energy and the emotional investment in such an endeavor. When I went there I was excited and ready for a weekend of wonderful racing while conversing with people who have something in common with me, a love for F1! All this expectation was reduced to a mere joke and in such a cruel fashion too.

The drivers and the teams came out to the driver's parade, they came out onto the track, they setup their cars on the grid, they went on the parade lap and then suddenly pulled in. We are fans with a large emotional and financial investment in seeing these cars perform at their peak. We were not only cheated but cheated in the worst possible way. Without our knowledge, without so much as an apology coming from the organizers. I couldn't go anywhere since I had paid for teh damn ticket and my flight would only leave at 5 PM. I sat there damning and cursing the rascals that put on this farce. I don't give a shit what you had to do. All I wanted to see was 20 cars fight it out on the track. I was denied what was advertised. In any other form of business this would call for a recall and a refund and that is exactly what I want. I want my investment back atleast my financial investment. Gimme my $500.

Read or or any other f1 site and they show tearful stories. These arrogant assholes in their palacse and yachts don't realize that they are being paid by hard-working middle-class people. We don't much care for your attitude. But when you cheat people en massé like this you better come up and answer or we'll sling you by the throat you assholes!

There is just too much anger and frustration in me right now to even think straight. I'll wait a day or two and then write that damn letter to Michelin, the FIA and the FOM. They'll know that I won't be attending any of their races again in my life. I may catch the occasinoal one on TV but that'll be the extent of my investment from now on.


Ray said...


I feel for you man. I was at home watching the debacle on TV. The pro-Ferrari Europeans are placing the blame solely on Michelin. Ok. Michelin should not have come to Indy with an inferior tire. However, the FIA should adopt NASCAR rules. All tire manufacturers must show up with enough tires for every team. That way if one manufacturer has a problem the others could supply everyone. There is no excuse for what happened. None! Go look at the BBC Sport page. Everyone is still putting on a political front. Totally pathetic!!!!!

4:26 PM  

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