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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dow and its dawdling

Bowing to Dow

Follow the above article as it updates teh activities of the government to clean up the Bhopal mess of nearly 22 years. That is my whole life time! People are still suffering, the chemicals are still out there and the ground water is fully contaminated and probably irrecoverable and nobody is to answer for this tragedy. Dow Chemicals is now finally facing charges in the US. Not that it will make any difference after 22 years except maybe a few checks to the people who have been dismembered, killed or left in a vegetative state for the rest of their lives! If you though Guantanamo was torturous then think about the people living with the effects of being gassed by chemicals still living with no hope of death or life. They are caught in a nightmarish hell in between where no one can help them. It is unbelievable how DOW Chemicals have completely washed their hands off of it and have shown absolutely no resopnsibility for this disaster. If this had happened in any other country the repercussions for any company would have been disastrous. What should have been done nearly 22 years ago is now taking shape and that too only in a small way.

The government wants to clean up now and there's no level of transparency in the process either. Will people ever learn?


Deepak Krishnan said...

hey abhi
as far as the bhopal gas tragedy goes, dow chemicals is the sole culprit. but the post tragedy tamasha that we are seeing has the indian government as an accomplice. the reluctance to take a firm stand against dow, the gradual phasing out of the rights activists, non revision of aid money all point to a wilful negligence. its only recently that the MP Chief Minister has announced a scheme to clean up the schmuck and create a park in its place. lets see how far he goes.

10:42 PM  

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