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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Howard Dean on the Republicans!

Whoa! Now this guy is as blunt and direct as they
come. Something the Republicans love. All they seem to
say is we are direct with the American people unlike
the latte-drinking, arrogant, elitist democrats. Well,
here's a so called elitist democrat who is not afraid
get down and dirty and call the Republicans' bluff. I
understand that some of the Democratic senators have
distanced themselves from him for his explosive
comments. But, come on he is exactly what the
Democrats need. The party is in desperate need of
direction and some fire and Dean can provide the
latter and its upto the rest of the leadership to
provide the former.

Mr. Dean if I could vote last time around you'd be
getting my vote. Though I will contest and discuss and
put it out to debate that some of your policies are
not very smart. Nevertheless I can see that your drive
is in the right direction and that's important.

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