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Friday, June 03, 2005

The Live8 concerts

Well unless you've been living undera rock you've heard about the Live8 concerts that will be held in 6 of the 8 G8 nations coming July 2, 2005. It is a massive effort to shore up the voices of the develped nations to voice their support of measures to help eradicate poverty in Africa. It is being organized by Bob Geldof, the bloke who organized the Liveaid concerts for Ethiopia around 20 years ago. That was a massive effort and I'm sure people have seen portions of that concert sometime or the other on TV. The support was absolutely masssive. Thought that time it was only in London and Philadelphia I belive. But this time around it is in 6 cities:

- London, England
- Berlin, Germany
- Paris, France
- Philadelphia, USA
- Rome, Italy
- Ottawa, Canada

None planned as of yet in Japan and Russia. These two countries form the rest of the G8 group. I was actually rather surprised that China is not a part of the group. Looking at their GDP and economic influence I would assume they would be a part of the group.

All the concerts are free for everyone to attend except the London one where you will have to text an SMS message to a certain phone number starting Monday, June 6th. I'm sure the tickets will be sold within the first day without a doubt. The list of artists is just fantastic... If you do attend I would request people out there to blog and let us know how it was. I'm may not be able to make it to the Philly concert. But I will assure you that if you attend you will attend one of the best gathering of artists you've ever seen or heard. It will be a magnificent event. With an event of this magnitude helping Africa might actually become a side show though I hope it doesn't. It should be at the forefront and people should lend their voice to reducing poverty in Africa. It is one of the few places where poverty is pervasive and there is no hope for betterment of the human condition. It is a sad state of affairs and one that we should all be responsible for.

Lend your voice to the million or so who will do so on July 2nd. Let your leaders know that you care about this project and they need to do something to help the situation. PEACE!


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