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Friday, June 03, 2005

Nadal beats Federer

Well, that's done... Seems like Federer has been choking in the grand slams this year. He again goes down in the final to Rafael Nadal. Of course accolade should be given where its due. Rafael Nadal was clearly the superior player on the clay and he took Roger on full of confidence and beat him down. We could be looking at a future No. 1. Now if Rafael Nadal proves himself on the hard courts and the grass court of Wimbledon we will technically have a player who can win it all like Mats Wilander did or for that matter like Agassi did. I was so hoping Roger would finally win a grand slam. The pressure will surely be on him come Wimbledon to win it. But knowing him I think he'll do well in Wimbledon and probably will face off against either Roddick or possibly Nadal in the US Open.

~~Cheers to Federer~~ and ##!! Congratulations to Rafael Nadal !!##

Wonderful game, very well contested. I had hoped Roger would've won but hey life sucks!


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