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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Wow, I think I've recently become a fan. A while ago when they were restricting access to most of their content I was completely turned off and I did not even visit the site for more than a couple of years. Then one day recently I happened by the site and now they have a system where you watch an ad for a few seconds and then you get to read all the articles you want as long as you don't close your browser. Well, I ain't closin' mine anytime soon. It's been up for more than a week now. So, hey turns out its free now!

Anyway, I always enjoyed their indepth commentary on contemporary issues and especially some of those interviews that they do with politicos and celebrities. Definitely good content similar to the quality I expect from The Economist from UK. If none of you have heard of these sites, then start clickin'.


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