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Monday, July 11, 2005

The Life of Pi

Don't know if anyone out there has heard of Piscine Moiltor Patel. But I surely have and what a man he is... Yann Martel has done a masterful job in "The Life of Pi" which was released a few years ago I believe. I just came across the book while browsing on Smart Reader Books and I though I had heard about it being good so I went ahead and bought it. At $8.00 it wasn't exactly hard on my wallet either. Anyway, once I got the book it took me forever to sit down with it. Some reason or the other 3 weekends and 4 weeks went by before I actually sat down and started reading it. I'm nearing the last few pages now and can't wait to write a review. Have to say it's got all the elements of a cast away story but better, the charater is meatier, it gives credibility to the triumph of the human spirit. What a story! Please read if you get a chance and post comments.


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