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Monday, September 19, 2005

Chappell's statement fair: Ganguly

Infer from the title: I was wrong and I was bitchin' 'coz I was stoopid.
Chappell's statement fair: Ganguly

Well, either way for now atleast in public the two seemed to be on one course. But things like this may go away but are never forgotten. Ganguly will remember that and Chappell knows that. This is not ending now. This will drag. I just hope BCCI has the balls to make the right decision here and tell Ganguly to relinquish the team and leave with the dignity of being the most successful captain in our history rather than smirch his legacy with 6-yr old like tantrums. That would be sad not only for him but for all of us Cricket lovers and more importantly Ganguly fans. Give it up man. It's time to go. Your time's up. You haven't lost anything. You still have the respect and admiration of a generation of cricketers and fans. You will not lose an ounce of that respect if you go now and conduct yourself like the elder sportsman that you are. Walk off into the twilight with a smile and a twinkle in your eye Mr. Ganguly. You deserve it, we'll preserve it but don't curse it!


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