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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Gavaskar defends Ganguly

What in the world is Gavaskar talking about. First hey hire a guy like Chappell and then one of his "review committee" members essentially calls Chappell a liar for being forthright with his comments and now he is defending the captain as being a "hard-working cricketer"? Has the world completely gone insane or is it just me? I mean does he think we are that gullible and stupid enough to believe everything he says now!

Okay, I will concede that Flintoff's comments in his book could not have come at a worse time for Ganguly. Nevertheless, the fact remains that he had written his "autobiography" before the Zimbabwe tour so it suggests he was not colored by the present situation but he had his impressions beforehand.

Fact remains that Ganguly is a deadweight and he needs to be removed. He may have built the team but now he is going to destroy it. Why is it always like this India? Everyone, everytime in every profession. I understand the need to have power is inherent in all of us but why is it that we take it to the extent that we destroy ourselves. Also, the people who support these tyrants. I just don't get this. This is narcissistic self-destruction on our part. We keep touting past glories and not looking into the future. Talk about India's riches and its emperors and I'll have a 100 screaming intellectuals standing at my door. Talk about where we will be in 50 or 100 years as a nation and not one will know where we are going? I mean WTF?


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