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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Go Kimmy! Is Roger next?

So, finally after a long time Kim Clijsters gets her due. Fantastic game. Pity I had to miss it since I still don't have cable around here but heard about it over the phone and read about it online. A dominant performance from the Belgian. She deserved it. She has been playing like a dream especially since the 4th round. Defeating Venus Williams and the World #1 Sharapova. Good job Kim! I can see a couple more titles coming her way next year! Whoo!

Now of course we wait for the titanic contest. The one that will shake the word classic and make it more memorable than ever before. "The Boss" vs "The Legend", The old guard vs the new, the man who was vs the man who is, it is the one for the books. Take this one to the books people, I can tell you that this will be a looong match. A hell of a game at 5 sets because I think Federer has dropped down a notch and Agassi has picked up a notch. That makes this a meeting of equals. If Federer cannot find that higher gear that he usually does he'll have to face up to a monumental challenge in Agassi. If Agassi is not gassed out yet from his 5-setters then he'll need every bit of it that's left in order to overcome the best in the business. Don't you guys miss this for your life... it'll be one to remember. You'll be telling your grand-kids about this one!


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