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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hurricane Katrina: FEMA Registration site

Hello everyone. In case you didn't know I turned out to be in the path of our mega hurricane Katrina. Either way, I'll put up the pictures and such later but right now I would like to inform anyone in the Pine Belt area that a FEMA Registration Center is being opened at Howard Computers near Sandersville, MS. You can find their website at This place will have computers ready and set to go to the FEMA registration site where you can tell the government exactly what you need and they'll try to get it to you as soon as possible! It is very helpful to let them know that you are in need of supplies for proper survival. If you have any relatives or friends who are looking for supplies soon then they can come up and register on the website here since the power is out everywhere else.

In case you need directions to get to the site:

- Get to Exit 99 (which is US Highway 11) on I-59
- If you are coming from the North then turn left and if you are coming from the south then turn right.
- You should see Magnolia hotel on your LEFT if you don't then you are going to wrong way!
- Continue on and you will see Halliburton on the right and keep going.
- Take a right on Eastview Dr and you should see a large "Howard Industries" sign on the manufacturing plant.
- You can pull into the front parking lot and walk in and computers are set up in the lobby for your use.

Please post any helpful information that you may have in the comments and I'll try to get them out to people who need it. Thanks!


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