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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Do we flock to Flock?

A clich├ęd headline notwithstanding the Flock browser is basically Firefox on steroids. It puts all the extended functionality such as RSS, Blogging and bookmarks at your fingertips by integrating it into firefox and creating a new interface. It's basically an upgraded, loaded firefox. It is especially useful for people who use these tools extensively. I think the only piece of the puzzle missing here is an integrated IM messenger that can talk to all IM protocols. Integrate that baby into this browser and you've got a killer product. It would really drive people in. I'm sure this is probably already on the developers' radar. But in the initial release they have done a good job, but then again how hard is it to do a good job when you're basing your product off of one of the most successful open source products right?


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