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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Resentment grows among earthquake victims in Pakistan and India

Resentment grows among earthquake victims in Pakistan and India

They just keep on coming this year don't they, first the Tsunami in the Indian ocean, the massive tropical rain floods in Mumbai, the hurricanes in the southeast US, the landslides in Guatemala and now the earthquakes in Pakistan/India. It has been an eventful year and the world's emergency supplies and personnel have been stretched to unknown levels.

Checkout the link above, it shows the amount of apathy that the incapable Pakistani government is experiencing through this disaster. They don't have the required emergency measures in place and now millions of people are suffering. There are mind-boggling estiamtes of 50,000 people dead. Imagine the scale of this massacre, it is more than the population of the city I'm living in right now. We are talking about a whole town being wiped out, not just property but includes the people in those towns as well.

These people have lived in isolation their entire lives and now getting them help is next to impossible. All forms of transportation access is down and air support is stretched due to the lack of equipment, supplies, personnel and disaster experience. Help is of the utmost importance. Any which way that you can help, will be useful. This is the time to come together and support the downtrodden. If you have never been involved in rescue this is your opportunity to do so.


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