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Friday, November 04, 2005

Dravid is the daddy of the Indian team

There is no two ways about it. He is the daddy and he has been for a long time. He is the one that rescues the team when its in trouble and he is the one that tempers enthusiasm when everyone's flying high and he is the one that takes care of business out on the field when things are going to shit. I mean who else but your dad can do these things. Team India is and will always be a petulant child and they need a father figure on and off the field like Dravid. God help this team when this man retires! It is imperative that the board find someone who can play this role or else this team's in deep trouble for the future. I'll take one Dravid over 10 tendulkars any day. He's the man you can rely on to innovate, decimate or accumulate when required be it a test match, an ODI or even a Twenty20!

Cricket is all about temperament, strategy and thought processes that are outside the box. Continual improvement and change is the hallmark of a great team. Changing tactics depending on the situation is extremely important. A captain is like a general leading his troops. He has to play his cards right or else the team goes to shit. However, the captain can play his cards but the team is the one to do the job and they must believe in themselves to do the job. I just hope they keep it going. It is when the going gets tough that you can really tell how good of a team we have. I want to see how these guys will fare against SA when they come to India next. I hope they will beat the shit out of them and send them back with their tails between their legs. Especially their captain Smith. This guy was a fucking captain the day he debuted. He needs to be taught a few things about captaincy and captaincy in the subcontinent for one thing. We'll show him a thing or two.

Fans of Team India I ask you to take up the verbal arms against the SA cricketers when they come here. They must be psychologically attacked from everywhere. They must understand that playing in the subcontinent is not mission difficult, it is mission impossible! WE WILL PROTECT THIS HOUSE NO MATTER WHAT!

Meanwhile checkout this article about Dravid and his captaincy.


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