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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Inzy is all glitzy

Though the 2nd test between Pakistan and England turned out to be a draw, it was certainly not a dour draw. Inzy claimed his place in the pantheon of cricket gods with a century in each innings of a test match. The fat fuck is so talented its obscene. I mean that as a compliment Inzy. It is fantastic to see him bat. I'd like to call him the Marlon Brando of cricket. He has that inherent tiredness in his mannerisms, the facial expressions. But the guy can think on his feet and bat like a mutha! All hail Inzy. He is one of the only 5 Pakistani batsmen in cricketing history to have achieved the feat of 2 centuries in each inning of a test match and deservedly so. If Pakistan had won the test it would probably have been doubly sweet but I think he'll settle for this.

Apart from him he batting displays of Ian Bell & Pietersen were fantastic as well. I mean Faisalabad is a batting beauty. I'm surprised we didn't see more inspired batting from both the sides. But all credit to the fast bowlers on both sides on restricting the batsmen. It is fantastic to see Shoaib, Naved, Flintoff and Hoggard bowling with steam and fire.

Well, I'd like to continue but I think my battery life on the laptop will suffer. I'm blogging from a friggin' airport! Take care everybody and for everyone Stateside I'd like to wish Happy Thanksgiving.


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