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Sunday, November 27, 2005

So, we head to Lahore

Well, the second test draws to a close in Faisalabad withou a faisala. Ironic in a way don't you think that Faisalabad plays host to so many non-faisala-s. To be sure I just checked the CricInfo StatGuru, which is a fantastic tool in itself for its research features, for the match results at Faisalabad and it so turns out that out of the 23 test matches that have been played there 11 have borne a result and 12 have resulted in a draw. This is just for an FYI, I'm not proving any points here. I suppose you can get a 50/50 faisala at Faisalabad, eh?

Anyway, it was an exciting draw and I can't wait for the third test to start in a couple of days time. I think we are in for a big knock from one of the middle-order English batsmen. Also, depending on who is chosen in place of Afridi (I don't know if its Shabbir!) I think that replacement could do a lot of damage assuming a bowler is chosen.

Also, regarding Afridi's match ban it was completely deserved and he being a veteran cricketer should realize these things. I mean you have been in the internaitonal game for so long and do something so despicable is just humiliating and embarrassing not only for himself for the well respected captain, coach and the team itself. He must be aware of his actions and a grown man playing dirty like this is just shameful at best. I was actually disappoint by the ban. I thought he deserved much more stringent ban than what he got eventually. Doing what he did intentionally deserves a serious ban. He was reported to have not even denied the action so what's holding the referee back? Anyway he lucked out and now all eyes are going to be on him the next time he plays and his every little action will be scrutinized and criticised. I think y'all can say, "Thank you Master of the Obvious!" and I would say, "You are very welcome!".

Take care for tonight. I'm watching the WI v Aus game right now, looks like AUS are going to make up the deficit but Mr. Lara finally came through didn't he? Also, congratulations to him on becoming the highest scorer in test cricket. Hope he lives around longer for us to see his genius shine through some more. I just wished he could have run a tighter ship and bring in more consistent winning results!


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