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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ganguly gets a seat and who said politics wasn't involved?

Ganguly assured for Pakistan tour

Boy, this guy really gets around. First he meets the BCCI President and then he stays mum while he and his words are being discussed in one of the largest political forums on the planet. What an ego! Hey people get fired or laid off, they take it in their stride and move on while this guy gets his case heard in the parliament. This is not just a farce it is a pie in the face for the Indian political establishment. How can they let this nonsense go on. Where are the moderates, where are the thinkers, where are the people who can talk sense into these backward hicks. Are we so utterly rudderless in this day and age that we have no real issues to address?

Why has this man's exclusion from a sports team become such a big issue. I understand how cricket has a very large following and it has its fanatical support. But, is there no perspective left in the country. Where do we draw the line? What is the necessity to discuss someone's exclusion from a team unless it has to do with an issue of discrimination which is condemned by law. Why is there nobody out there calling these guys out for such irresponsible and irrational behavior. Perspective in such situations is important. Where is this sense of urgency when it comes to addressing social and economic needs. The people who are caling for this discussion are coming from states where population is dense and economic opportunity is almost non-existent. Why don't they address those needs with the same zeal and courage as they do this issue?

Also, I understand that Ganguly feels slighted but I don't feel sorry for the guy because of his behavior. He is completely irresponsible in the way he has handled himself. I agree with Greg Chappell, this dude's got mental & psychological issues that he needs to address. He is not mentally stable enough to make decisions that affect others. If he has even a shred of humility and decency then he will come out and stop this nonsense. He will call the MPs and tell them not to waste our time in this fashion. He will participate regularly in Bengal games and win those for them. He will make a case to the selectors for picking him in the squad. He will call the selectors and keep a line of communication open with them as well as the coach. I understand that it is easier said than done but it must be done. Tough times call for tought decisions don't cry like a baby. We look up to you as a strong man of character and conviction but this display has left you wanting in that department. I only hope sense prevails and this nonsense is stopped before it gets outta hand.

It churns my blood to think that here are millions that are dealing with hunger and poverty in India while the people who can do something about this are sitting in a big room discussing sports! Have perspective gentlemen, be ashamed of your actions and correct your behavior. If anybody out there is reading this please comment and let me know what you think. I think this brings up an extremely important face of Indian politics that needs to be explored and needs to be righted.


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