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Monday, December 19, 2005

How about a drug test Mr. Venkataswamy?

Testing Drugs in India

Tell me if this doesn't churn your stomach. If you get through the article the then the last sentence sums it up in a cruelly succint fashion. This is how capitalism feeds its greed. This is where democracy needs to step in draw the line. Capitalism is like a wild hog that doesn't mind eating anything and everything as long as its stomach is filled while democracy is the electric fence and the moat that keeps the hog in its cage.

All this of course is happening while the Parliament is concerned about the sacking of Ganguly. Tell me if this doesn't sound like a page out of fiction novel by Robin Cook or something? The sad thing is that almost all of the people who are being tested on have no idea that they are being subjected to medicine they might not need or that might debilitate them for the rest of their lives. How can ethical professionals consent to this nonsense. The Indian population must be sensitized to corporate irresponsibility. Right now in our drive to modernize we are falling prey to every ill of capitalism. We must get this right or we will be going down the tubes again and get shafted by the west again!

This is a call to action people. Find out issues of corporate irresponsibility in India and bring it out. It is a must that these people are exposed and made to respond the only way possible. Through public scrutiny in the media glare. That is the only way these guys will respond. Let's build a better India that knows where to draw the line. Please send me links or comment on this article if you know of instances or events like this that must stand trial. Have we already forgotten Bhopal?


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