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Friday, October 31, 2003

The one thing that really bothered me about the 2nd test in Mohali is the incompetence shown by our frontline bowlers: Harbhajan, Zaheer Khan and Kumble. I mean on the first day no matter how slow the pitch is you ought to be able to bounce atleast one ball. Not a single bouncer all day. Every one of the batsmen were just allowed to play their game on their own time. I'm sure Fleming would be rueing a missed chance for another century...

These guys have so much recognition, they are playing for their country and they are being paid to do it. What more can you ask for? All that the fans want you to do is go out there with your A game on game day and show everyone how good you are. Don't waste our support and passion, if you do you don't deserve to be there.

Don't do this again guys, it is really very unbecoming of a cricketer, a player and for that matter of a human being. You are wasting a precious commodity - the loyalty of your supporters.

But this blog won't be complete without mentioning the amazing performance of Tuffey at the end of the day. He was absolutely amazing. He made something out of nothing with those three wickets he took before lunch. I was impressed all round with his performance, commitment and his will to change the grain of the game. I thought NZ did a commendable job and I was hoping that Fleming would force a result somehow. Though I'm a diehard Indian supporter I wished that maybe NZ could win and teach the Indians a little bit of dignity.

The 2 draws did not do justice to either team and things must change in the way the pitches are made and most importantly in my opinion our approach to the game. We need to be more aggressive. It is no way to live when you can't play aggressive and force a result.