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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

So the DNC wants a nominee? 

So, now we are I guess in the home stretch of the debates' cycle. The democrats should decide soon who is going to take on the mighty 'bush'. Anyone who is up on the news knows that the democrats get another chance tonight (Nov. 4, 2003) to show off to their young voters. I think all candidates need to address this demographic a little more. Especially the college students. These college students are going to be graduating soon and their lives can change by the policies that the next administration is going to enact. The reason why college students don't turn out to the polls is because they are a neglected lot and they don't feel that they can make things any better by voting. I mean as far as the Presidential candidates are concerned they don't even consider these young voters to be an important demographic, until NOW!. Now everyone wants votes and democrats will not win this race if they ignore this population.

Finally they are making some sense and concentrating on attracting younger voters. If you build loyalty among these guys now they will serve you for a long time. That should be reason enough to go to them. Anyway, I hope they do a good job tonight on the CNN.

However, in all honesty I don't expect the democrats to even give a fight now. I mean come on Bush is leading in all the polls and it turns out that he is doing something for the economy. If he can turn it around come November next year I don't see anyone stopping him. The democrats are a lost cause they don't seem to have a clear agenda to fight Bush on. I know there are few problems in the present administration but so were the previous ones. What matters is that do the good things outweigh the bad things. As of this last month it looks like it. The economy is slowly gearing up and hopefully it will maintain a steady growth rate. That's what's important, "Steady growth rate". Anyway, let's see how that goes...

Monday, November 03, 2003

Now that's football...!! 

If anyone caught the matchup between the Vikings and the Packers last night they were in for some good stuff. Favre was more than his best he was amazing. There are not enough words to describe what Green did. One hell of a game. There is no point being sarcastic about this game at all.

I wanted the Vikes to win after that defeat to the giants last week. But, the way the Packers played I think they deserved to win and what a way to save the season for them. That Favre showed he is no less of a tough customer than he was during the last decade. Good luck Brett!!

Another game to watch last weekend was the OSU vs PSU. Now that is what I call a photo-finish. Though I feel that OSU did not win morally. That 1st down call just before last touchdown was not right and they should have discussed that play properly before calling it. They should have the same review capabilities as the NFL man. That was a key game and now PSU falls back. This is crazy OSU does not deserve to be in 6th now.

That bring me to another one of Saturday's games. Hurricanes vs. Hokies. Now that started out as a real slug-fest but the Hurricanes just petered out at the end maan!! The key being the 3 interceptions by the Hokies. And boy they made those interceptions count, didn't they? It was one hell of a game to watch. I stayed up all the way until midnight to watch this game. You could tell that Miami pretty much lost all hope after that 3rd INT. You could see the loss in their faces. Then everyone started losing their temper. This kinda thing happens when you start losing so badly that you can't even talk about it the next day.

Anyway, good luck to all the teams coming next week. But, watch out the "Tide" is going to roll again. "ROLL TIDE" baby!!

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