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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Kopete, The KDE Instant Messenger

Kopete, The KDE Instant Messenger is absolutely one of the best clients I've seen. I don't think they come any better than this. Though it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that native clients have I think this does its job pretty well. It keeps the fuss to a minimum and works like a charm. I highly recommend it. Please try it out and post your experiences. I can help you get started if you need...

Friday, September 10, 2004

This is gettin' really stupid...

Though I would vote for Kerry this time around if I could vote... he is acting like an idiot. First off stop attacking Bush about that Air National Guard thing. We all know he fucked up and we all know that we forgave him for this the last time around. They are going with a strategy that doesn't work and they're beating it down to death. It is stupid I tell ya!

Anyway, they need to attack Bush on what he has done wrong in Iraq and what he will do to the economy. Someone explain to me how you can rack up debts and still live the life of a millionaire. That is how Bush is expecting the US to live for the next 4 years. If I did that Credit Card companies would be knocking my door day in and day out and I would be in jail within the month. How the fuck is that supposed to work out. Explain the math please!

Talking about lighter things, I found out that people get depressed by watching TV. Maybe, I'm watching too much TV. I mean do only about an hour or so everyday (well, really its about 3!). Anyway, I'm reducing this TV diet to as small as possible and do other things like practice my Sax everyday. That should help right?!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A little plug for firefox...

Well, as everyone knows the age-old netscape browser is out with a new name, new bodywork and a lot of changes under the hood. It's new avatar is called "Mozilla Firefox". It's a heck of a browser and wouldn't mind plugging for it up here in my blog.

Check it out, download it, fire it up and see how it fits you best. I haven't gone back to IE in nearly 2 years after that. I don't think I can because every time I start using IE I get completely disoriented and have to get used to it. It is really frightening!! Check it out at More news at Or you can just scroll down and click on the little Get Firefox button.

That's the plug for today!

Hero: The only Jet Li movie I might ever watch

Well, the opening says it all. This is probably the only Jet Li movie that I actually sat through and watched it all the way. The dude is supposed to be a gifted martial arts man, even better than Bruce Lee in many matters. But, he has done some amazingly stupid movies until now and I have ignored most of it. Though I had to go to the movie theater and sit through the movie I still enjoyed it very much. I doubt that had much to do with his acting, because the director definitely knows how to make movies and Jet Li is not the main focus like his other movies.

Though the movie is marketed in the martial arts (sort of fictitious, out-of-this-world genre) it definitely bears its roots in reality. The premise of the story is very good though it is far-fetched in the real world. But, the essence of the idea is brought forward beautifully. It takes me to a time when things such as loyalty, sacrifice and friendship are the qualities that define a person's reputation.

The gist of it is that Jet Li is a great warrior who has perfected his art for one and only reason, to kill the emperor of his kingdom. Jet Li was born to parents from a neighboring kingdom whose warriors have been fighting the king's armies all their lives. There are 3 great warriors of his time, Sky, Flying Snow and Brokensword, who have tried and failed! He consults with them and hatches a plan to get close to the king and kill him. He has perfected an art of fighting where he cannot miss his target if it is within 10ft of his body.

This plan brings him to 10ft of the king and that is where the story is told and that is where all the twists and turns in the story happen. Its rather exciting and I would advise any first time viewer to not miss any parts. Preferably don't be distracted by others and try to imagine that you are a spectator inside the story. Once you do that, the director transports you to a magical era and place where you can just sit back and watch these great warriors and their stories unfold.

The end has a wonderful message to it and I would definitely recommend this movie for people of all ages. This is a good story though not a great one. But, it can definitely compete with the likes of LOTR and other fantasy movies. Some parts of the story such as the premise of the Qin dynasty and so forth are actually part of real history. So, this makes for a fascinating little story in the larger scheme of things.

Will definitely give 4.5/5 stars.

Successful transition

Well, if anyone noticed then my blog happens to be on a new server. It is my cable company's free hosting service. But, anyway I think it's better than that tripod thing that we had before with all hte advertisements. Anyway, that's just an update.

This semester's going to be a killa'. I can see it now. I've got no time to waste at all. Well, I'll see y'all soon with my review of "Hero". Good movie tho!

Saturday, September 04, 2004

New, New, New Blogger on the map people!!!!

Hello, after a long time to my readers (i.e. if there are any!!). Well, anyway I'm happy to welcome a very distant relative of mine onto the blogging scene. Please go visit him and give him your 2c about how he should develop his blog. He's startin' his MBA and gettin' extremely excited about it (don't know why tho!). Apparently, he's so excited he wants to create a blog about it.

Here's the plug for you man. Give us your insights and knowledge and enlighten the world about your MBA experience... Here's the linky:

Well, alright then. Watch out for my post soon (maybe in a few hours about the RNC that just concluded yesterday!). Also, a review of "Hero" starring Jet Li in the works too.