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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dow and its dawdling

Bowing to Dow

Follow the above article as it updates teh activities of the government to clean up the Bhopal mess of nearly 22 years. That is my whole life time! People are still suffering, the chemicals are still out there and the ground water is fully contaminated and probably irrecoverable and nobody is to answer for this tragedy. Dow Chemicals is now finally facing charges in the US. Not that it will make any difference after 22 years except maybe a few checks to the people who have been dismembered, killed or left in a vegetative state for the rest of their lives! If you though Guantanamo was torturous then think about the people living with the effects of being gassed by chemicals still living with no hope of death or life. They are caught in a nightmarish hell in between where no one can help them. It is unbelievable how DOW Chemicals have completely washed their hands off of it and have shown absolutely no resopnsibility for this disaster. If this had happened in any other country the repercussions for any company would have been disastrous. What should have been done nearly 22 years ago is now taking shape and that too only in a small way.

The government wants to clean up now and there's no level of transparency in the process either. Will people ever learn?

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The GMAT! people

Well, the will finally be here. Been preparing for this a whole month. Not in the sense that I've given up my other activities. But it is definitely something thaty you keep thinking about in theback of your mind until its over. Well, its about to be over tomorrow. Will post an update afterwards. Hopefully it won't be as bad as I think it'll be. But, I think I perform the best when I"m depressed. I find that such emotional stress every now and then brings out the deepest feelings in a person. I definitely need a deep feeling tomorrow to make my positions clear in my essay. I must passionately like or dislike an idea and argue for or against it. No thinking caps here... just pure, unbridled emotion that leads to prose the likes of which even Faulkner himself would not have seen. GMAT here I come. A man once said "When death comes looking for you all you can do is smile back!". Well, I am smiling with a frown on my face, get it?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Jenna & Barbara... Can we expect something? No...!!

Well now that the US military is having trouble recruiting personnel maybe they should go ahead and just institute a draft. Let's see how that goes down with the public. Michael Moore's an idiot in many senses but he raised a good point in Fahrenheit 9/11. Which of the senators or for that matter their sons and daughters were even enlisted for military service. Answer is as close to '0' as you can get.

I mean these people are all fire and brimstone when it comes to lighting the beacon of freedom in the middle east. Why don't you get down and do the hard work of actually getting it done. Bunch o' righteous right-wing losers. It's that self-righteousness that they display that makes me want to skin myself and light myself on fire. What makes them think they are better than the others, what makes them think they know better, what makes them think that they understand, what makes them think that their lives are more important than ours? I am sick of the Democrats just sit and take this bullshit. They need to get their heads together and attack these right-wing, fear-mongers.

Dean needs to stir things up and light a fire in the DNC. They need to get off their asses and get their act together. The last presidential election was a golden opportunity but what did they do? They made a half-assed attempt at getting a national consensus. We did not need to endure another 4 years of this President's madness. But we have to due to the planner's incompetency. They did not appeal to the right people. I mean when Kerry goes around saying "I don't need the South to win the presidency" I pretty much figured out that he isn't winning anything this time around. Politics

A1 Grand Prix

Well, now that I have become extremely disillusioned with F1 I was searching out for new forms of racing that might be worth my time. I won't be leaving F1 but I'll catch it every now and then. I haven't followed the news closely on A1 Grand prix and its development since last year's bahrain GP. Looks like things are moving along well. They've already got a few teams and their entries.

What's more interesting is their business model and their procurement model for racing and the teams. The A1GP organization itself will supply the teams with chassis and engine and tyres. The teams are just responsbile for hiring the mechanics who can take care of the car during the season and do driver suggested improvements to the car. Real driver-based racing anyone? I'm all done and ready to watch this one. Besides India has its own team with its own flag in the series. How can I say now. Looks like Karun Chandhok is the frontrunner now since he is the most high-profile driver apart from karthikeyan out there now. I can't imagine the team owner Atul gupta going in any different direction. Unless there are some drivers that we haven't heard of at all.

I know there is an indian racing somewhere inteh US and he's supposed to be doing well. But, I think he's an american citizen so he might not count. Well, he's an NRI so that might count? Anyway, let's see how this shakes out. Looking forward to September at Brands Hatch. Wonder if SPEED TV will telecast this series. Considering that they have 2 races in the US I'd imagine they would. But then again not many TV deals have gone down for the A1 GP yet. So, let's wait and see.

Sauber hands over to BMW

Looks like there's a BMW team after all. Speculations take a rest now. Sauber's out, BMW's in and Dr. Theissen's our new team principal. Any questions? - Sauber: Handover is 'ideal solution'

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Class Action Lawsuit

Looks like many articles are showing 3 separate class action lawsuits against FOM, FIA and Michelin. If anyone can find anymore information about the class-action lawsuits and tell the rest how to join I think it would be really helpful. So, if anyone out there knows how we can get in on these class actions and get more information about how exactly they are filing the lawsuit then please let everyone know.

There are a lot of disgruntled fans who want their money back. We need some compensation for the weekend. We need a quick resolution on this lawsuit and we need to get as much support as we can. Please if anyone out there knows mroe about the class action suits please post comments and let us know.
F-1 roar drops a notch

Monday, June 20, 2005

Arrogant, stiff-assed, millionaire playboys...

In a really pathetic show of how arrogant, rich and pathetic a bunch o' losers can be the F1 USGP yesterday evening was reduced to a farce of a race. If this had happened in any other country the police would have had to resort to using tear gas on the crowds for their rowdy behavior. These arrogant pricks were lucky they pulled this stunt in the US. Although in this case the danger is worse. They can wait to act and expect a few legal notices and a class-action lawsuit from the fans. I wouldn't be surprised if one happened and I would be a part of the lawsuit. I want my money back!

I spent nearly $500 just for myself and just for flying to Indy and buying the tickets. This is not counting the meals, the drinks the time, the energy and the emotional investment in such an endeavor. When I went there I was excited and ready for a weekend of wonderful racing while conversing with people who have something in common with me, a love for F1! All this expectation was reduced to a mere joke and in such a cruel fashion too.

The drivers and the teams came out to the driver's parade, they came out onto the track, they setup their cars on the grid, they went on the parade lap and then suddenly pulled in. We are fans with a large emotional and financial investment in seeing these cars perform at their peak. We were not only cheated but cheated in the worst possible way. Without our knowledge, without so much as an apology coming from the organizers. I couldn't go anywhere since I had paid for teh damn ticket and my flight would only leave at 5 PM. I sat there damning and cursing the rascals that put on this farce. I don't give a shit what you had to do. All I wanted to see was 20 cars fight it out on the track. I was denied what was advertised. In any other form of business this would call for a recall and a refund and that is exactly what I want. I want my investment back atleast my financial investment. Gimme my $500.

Read or or any other f1 site and they show tearful stories. These arrogant assholes in their palacse and yachts don't realize that they are being paid by hard-working middle-class people. We don't much care for your attitude. But when you cheat people en massé like this you better come up and answer or we'll sling you by the throat you assholes!

There is just too much anger and frustration in me right now to even think straight. I'll wait a day or two and then write that damn letter to Michelin, the FIA and the FOM. They'll know that I won't be attending any of their races again in my life. I may catch the occasinoal one on TV but that'll be the extent of my investment from now on.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Elections in Iran.... hahaha!

Well, it looks like its that time again. Elections in Iran. If there is such a thing. But I believe they have come a long way since the revolution of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Also have you noticed that all the friggin' ayatollahs' names start with a K and have some combination of meini at the end? What's the deal with that? Anyway... getting back to the point they are supposed to have elections this year and I suppose as expected a conservative candidate Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani is leading the race with a liberal candidate Mostafa Moin closing in fast.

No matter how the election watchers call this is there any doubt that Rafsanjani will not win? I mean this is Iran we are talking about. Even if the Parliament passes a law a group of Ayatollahs will overrule the doggone parliament itself... I mean is that even possible in a democracy that law-making body is overruled by a religious body? Geez... That's a theocracy not a democracy.

But supposedly Rafsanji is an independent minded conservative something like Mr. Bush himself. So, maybe they'll get along. Though the western right absolutely abhors the islamists in the middle east they have a lot in common with them. They are just in denial. A state like Iran or Saudi Arabia would be Pat Robertson's dream come true!!! But that's beside the point now.

Check out this article in the economist. Btw. if you haven't started reading this magazine, I have one thing to ask... WTF is wrong with you? Check it out...

A lively contest—but will it matter? |

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Wow, I think I've recently become a fan. A while ago when they were restricting access to most of their content I was completely turned off and I did not even visit the site for more than a couple of years. Then one day recently I happened by the site and now they have a system where you watch an ad for a few seconds and then you get to read all the articles you want as long as you don't close your browser. Well, I ain't closin' mine anytime soon. It's been up for more than a week now. So, hey turns out its free now!

Anyway, I always enjoyed their indepth commentary on contemporary issues and especially some of those interviews that they do with politicos and celebrities. Definitely good content similar to the quality I expect from The Economist from UK. If none of you have heard of these sites, then start clickin'.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Advani and Jinnah, the most unlikely bedfellows?

Not so! According to the news outlets Advani seems to hold an admiration for Mohammad Ali Jinnah for his contribution to the founding of a secular country like Pakistan. In the west this would amount to Pat Roberston acknowledging that Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini is a great man who must be respected for leading and saving Iran from the godless infidels. Goes to show how religious jingoism is prevalent in all religions and not just Islam. One of the most irritating and annoying aspects of any religious zealot in the media spotlight is the sense of self-righteousness that they bring. Somehow they have realized that their acts are godly and what they do has been consigned to them by god. Let me ask those out there, who made up this god concept anyway? It was by a man and a group of men. God was created by man for purposes of power and influence. That's all there's to it. Look throughout history and see how religion has played the most important role in any leader's control of his people. Most recently of course President George W. Bush of the USA. Need I say more?

Getting back to the point at hand, Advani on a visit to Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore described Jinnah as a wonderful exponent secularism by alluding to his speech to the Pakistan parliament at its formation. Admittedly a difference of opinion has occured in the Sangh Parivar and consequently in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the rest of their henchmen. Advani derives most of his power from these people and to piss them off is just unacceptable and as a result he gives up his job in the BJP as their senior most leader in the party. What a shame? Though I admit a huge difference of opinion with Advani I liked him for what he was, a devil's advocate.

No matter what the RSS and VHP have to say about Advani's comments I think he made those in good faith. He admired Jinnah's personality and thought and he paid his respects. Though there is a difference of opinion it should not have led to his resignation from the party. He has not only been unfaithful to his constituents but also to his own self. He admires Jinnah so stand up and deflect the criticism levelled at you. It's not like you haven't gone on political suicide before.

Anyway Rediff has a little menagerie of the faces that might succeed him in the party... will succeed Advani?.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bush and Stem Cell Research. Why it all goes downhil?

Unless you've been living under a rock these past
years you'll know there's a huge stem cell debate
going on. I am not going to try to explain the problem
here but I will say that it is a difference between
research being funded by the bigger funding source
there is (read US Government) or being funded by
privateers like Pfizer and other private scientific
research laboratories. A publicly funded research will
provide free knowledge whereas a privately funded
research will not necessarily create the best results
but it will also put that knowledge under layers of
patents and copyrights.

Anyway, if you don't know anything at all about Stem
Cell research and the debate then has a
fantastic article explaining the nuances of the debate
for the Stem Cell newbie. Check it out: <a
Cells on</a>

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Howard Dean on the Republicans!

Whoa! Now this guy is as blunt and direct as they
come. Something the Republicans love. All they seem to
say is we are direct with the American people unlike
the latte-drinking, arrogant, elitist democrats. Well,
here's a so called elitist democrat who is not afraid
get down and dirty and call the Republicans' bluff. I
understand that some of the Democratic senators have
distanced themselves from him for his explosive
comments. But, come on he is exactly what the
Democrats need. The party is in desperate need of
direction and some fire and Dean can provide the
latter and its upto the rest of the leadership to
provide the former.

Mr. Dean if I could vote last time around you'd be
getting my vote. Though I will contest and discuss and
put it out to debate that some of your policies are
not very smart. Nevertheless I can see that your drive
is in the right direction and that's important.

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Monday, June 06, 2005

WHO | Marburg haemorrhagic fever in Angola – update 20

WHO | Marburg haemorrhagic fever in Angola – update 20
Check out the link above. It refers to an outbreak of a deadly virus in Angola that has killed 335 of the 399 people infected in the last 2 MONTHS! Talk about mass deaths. This is as close to war as you will get. The following register link is showing that there maybe a vaccine. Scientists closer to Ebola and Margus vaccines. Looking at the number of deaths this is an unbelievably high mortality rate and yet I'm willing to bet than none of us have even heard about it. Its really sad when an event like 9/11 can generate so much bloodshed in the world but there is not a single pipsqueek in any newspaper about this destruction. Instead we are stuck watching people make idiots out of themselves in silly reality shows all weekend long! Makes me so mad sometimes.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Are you a blogebrity?

This was sort of interesting. Apparently, these guys are trying to determine a blogger celebrity using a blogger's thoughts. Check it aut, eh?
Do you have 'blogebrity' status? | Do you have 'blogebrity' status? | | CNET

Nadal beats Federer

Well, that's done... Seems like Federer has been choking in the grand slams this year. He again goes down in the final to Rafael Nadal. Of course accolade should be given where its due. Rafael Nadal was clearly the superior player on the clay and he took Roger on full of confidence and beat him down. We could be looking at a future No. 1. Now if Rafael Nadal proves himself on the hard courts and the grass court of Wimbledon we will technically have a player who can win it all like Mats Wilander did or for that matter like Agassi did. I was so hoping Roger would finally win a grand slam. The pressure will surely be on him come Wimbledon to win it. But knowing him I think he'll do well in Wimbledon and probably will face off against either Roddick or possibly Nadal in the US Open.

~~Cheers to Federer~~ and ##!! Congratulations to Rafael Nadal !!##

Wonderful game, very well contested. I had hoped Roger would've won but hey life sucks!

The Live8 concerts

Well unless you've been living undera rock you've heard about the Live8 concerts that will be held in 6 of the 8 G8 nations coming July 2, 2005. It is a massive effort to shore up the voices of the develped nations to voice their support of measures to help eradicate poverty in Africa. It is being organized by Bob Geldof, the bloke who organized the Liveaid concerts for Ethiopia around 20 years ago. That was a massive effort and I'm sure people have seen portions of that concert sometime or the other on TV. The support was absolutely masssive. Thought that time it was only in London and Philadelphia I belive. But this time around it is in 6 cities:

- London, England
- Berlin, Germany
- Paris, France
- Philadelphia, USA
- Rome, Italy
- Ottawa, Canada

None planned as of yet in Japan and Russia. These two countries form the rest of the G8 group. I was actually rather surprised that China is not a part of the group. Looking at their GDP and economic influence I would assume they would be a part of the group.

All the concerts are free for everyone to attend except the London one where you will have to text an SMS message to a certain phone number starting Monday, June 6th. I'm sure the tickets will be sold within the first day without a doubt. The list of artists is just fantastic... If you do attend I would request people out there to blog and let us know how it was. I'm may not be able to make it to the Philly concert. But I will assure you that if you attend you will attend one of the best gathering of artists you've ever seen or heard. It will be a magnificent event. With an event of this magnitude helping Africa might actually become a side show though I hope it doesn't. It should be at the forefront and people should lend their voice to reducing poverty in Africa. It is one of the few places where poverty is pervasive and there is no hope for betterment of the human condition. It is a sad state of affairs and one that we should all be responsible for.

Lend your voice to the million or so who will do so on July 2nd. Let your leaders know that you care about this project and they need to do something to help the situation. PEACE!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Email blogging

Well, this is new... I just discovered blogging
through email. Not that
I'm ever going to use this form of communication. But
it is still very
nice ot know that something of this sort exists.
However, I am also in
the process of using a tool of blogger by which I can
blog through my
cell phone. Now that is more useful and I can post
pictures of idiots
from anywhere in the US. This will definitely be used
by me. Look
forward to posting through my phone soon maybe even
with some
pictures... heheh :-)

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AOpen Mini PC 'not competing' with Apple Mac Mini | The Register

AOpen Mini PC 'not competing' with Apple Mac Mini | The Register: "By Tony Smith in Taipei"

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

AOpen with a Mac mini lookalike

Hehe... I guess this wasn't such a surprise. I suppose they should've done this earlier than later. But, its out and you'll be able to get your hands on one by thanksgiving time this year I believe. A Mac mini look-a-like that runs Windows. Not a surprising development but in my case a welcome one. Supposedly its a lot more modular and supposed to be relatively low-priced (~$600). I don't know how they're going to do that. But I bet you add the DVD+/-RW option and upgrade memory and other things the price gets jacked up quite quickly. Will have more details as they become available. Meanwhile, here's a picture...