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Monday, July 11, 2005

The Life of Pi

Don't know if anyone out there has heard of Piscine Moiltor Patel. But I surely have and what a man he is... Yann Martel has done a masterful job in "The Life of Pi" which was released a few years ago I believe. I just came across the book while browsing on Smart Reader Books and I though I had heard about it being good so I went ahead and bought it. At $8.00 it wasn't exactly hard on my wallet either. Anyway, once I got the book it took me forever to sit down with it. Some reason or the other 3 weekends and 4 weeks went by before I actually sat down and started reading it. I'm nearing the last few pages now and can't wait to write a review. Have to say it's got all the elements of a cast away story but better, the charater is meatier, it gives credibility to the triumph of the human spirit. What a story! Please read if you get a chance and post comments.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Dennis the Menace is a-comin'...

Well, looks like we're in for a rough night out here in Southern Mississippi. Weather control says that Mr. Dennis is supposed to hit us somewhere near Meridian so expecting near 70 mph wind gusts around here. Just hopin' nothing gets blown off around here :). Anyway, buckling down now... will keep everyone updated.

Seems like there will be a curfew enforced around Jones county here starting at 10:00 PM. They are asking people to get off the roads as soon as possible and especially after 10 PM tonight. Winds are supposed to get really bad after that time. Considering the hurricane will be around 60-70 miles east of here that's probably safe. It'll be quite bad around Waynesboro and Meridian I presume. Hopefully, folks there have evacuated or atleast found a safe place now. Half of my apartment buildings look deserted. I am wondering if I should have left. Kinda late to leave now and get anywhere though. I don't really know anyone within a 300 mile radius unless I'm willing to risk going down to New Orleans who seem to be safe for now.

In case anyone needs more info regarding shelters here, please visit the Mississippi Emergency Agency's website at