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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Harbhajan to be let off

Harbhajan to be let off

Yea, like this was a big surprise, eh? Like they will put Harbhajan on ice because some goré thought there were divisions in the team! I mean that is just preposterous right? Obviously we as a cricket team are as together and united as a milk and bournvita right? The hypocrisy has reached magnificent proportions my friends!

Gavaskar defends Ganguly

What in the world is Gavaskar talking about. First hey hire a guy like Chappell and then one of his "review committee" members essentially calls Chappell a liar for being forthright with his comments and now he is defending the captain as being a "hard-working cricketer"? Has the world completely gone insane or is it just me? I mean does he think we are that gullible and stupid enough to believe everything he says now!

Okay, I will concede that Flintoff's comments in his book could not have come at a worse time for Ganguly. Nevertheless, the fact remains that he had written his "autobiography" before the Zimbabwe tour so it suggests he was not colored by the present situation but he had his impressions beforehand.

Fact remains that Ganguly is a deadweight and he needs to be removed. He may have built the team but now he is going to destroy it. Why is it always like this India? Everyone, everytime in every profession. I understand the need to have power is inherent in all of us but why is it that we take it to the extent that we destroy ourselves. Also, the people who support these tyrants. I just don't get this. This is narcissistic self-destruction on our part. We keep touting past glories and not looking into the future. Talk about India's riches and its emperors and I'll have a 100 screaming intellectuals standing at my door. Talk about where we will be in 50 or 100 years as a nation and not one will know where we are going? I mean WTF?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Google Earth Blog

Google Earth Blog

This is the most incredible Google Earth information site out there. Also if anyone hasn't heard or used Google Earth then you have been living under a rock and there is not arguments about this fact. So just ilve with it and go download Google Earth already. Fantastic piece of software. I haven't been excited about software before but this one is just absolutely fantastic and its worth spending some time with.

Cricinfo - ICC Super Series - 2005-06

Well cricket fans ICC has finally come up with a good idea. The ICC World XI vs Australia XI and -- wait for it.... the series includes a TEST MATCH!! Can you believe it! All the previous World vs Country series have been ODI affairs but finally we see a test match included. This is absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to see a Dravid/Kallis or Dravid/Flintoff partnership breaking up the Aussie's back. It will be absolutely fantastic! This is definitely a series I'm looking forward to. This is a fantastic platform to show which player's the best out there! Thank heavens they didn't pick Ganguly. But they are making a bone-headed decision getting Inzy in place of Tendulkar. That is just a mistake waiting to happen. There are tons of other quality, consistent cricketers available. Inzy will be a deadweight in the team!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Chappell's statement fair: Ganguly

Infer from the title: I was wrong and I was bitchin' 'coz I was stoopid.
Chappell's statement fair: Ganguly

Well, either way for now atleast in public the two seemed to be on one course. But things like this may go away but are never forgotten. Ganguly will remember that and Chappell knows that. This is not ending now. This will drag. I just hope BCCI has the balls to make the right decision here and tell Ganguly to relinquish the team and leave with the dignity of being the most successful captain in our history rather than smirch his legacy with 6-yr old like tantrums. That would be sad not only for him but for all of us Cricket lovers and more importantly Ganguly fans. Give it up man. It's time to go. Your time's up. You haven't lost anything. You still have the respect and admiration of a generation of cricketers and fans. You will not lose an ounce of that respect if you go now and conduct yourself like the elder sportsman that you are. Walk off into the twilight with a smile and a twinkle in your eye Mr. Ganguly. You deserve it, we'll preserve it but don't curse it!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Mr. Ganguly - Get your head outta yo' ass!

What the fuck is wrong with you man? Don't act like a dick and expect to be treated like a prince. Only your dickless entourage will do that. The public don't give a shit what your problems are as long as you are winning. You ain't winnin' you go out the door. Same for anyone. You my friend have a problem with authority and you need to see a psychiatrist to restrain your damn tantrums. Geez you remind of Tony Soprano in The Sopranos. You need help baby! Greg Chappell is a no nonsense general. Don't fuck with the general jackass. Without the general on your side you got a mutiny on your hands. No prince can run his country without the general especially if the troops listen to the general as they would do at any time. So get your head outta yo' ass and go talk to Mr. Chappell and settle this shit. We got a game to win you shithead!

Friday, September 16, 2005

The Sopranos

To be frank, the reason I've been silent all these days has been cable. My cable connection has not been restored after the hurricane. Therefore, no cable connection at home. But this has also meant I have no TV either. Supposedly we will be getting cable back by the end of next week close to the 22nd of September. *Keeping fingers crossed about that*.

Either way the point I was making is that now since there is no TV I've been watching the Sopranos right from the beginning since I've never actually watched it except for a few minutes here and there. I've just finished season 4 after a marathon viewing over the past few days. To be honest the show has lost its lustre after the end of Season 3. Season 4 just does not seem to have the same energy and fast-paced story-telling that was so compelling in the previous season. It was dour and the finale was a sad but fitting end to the season with Carmela breaking up with Tony. Though it seemed rather sudden and slightly surprising in my opinion.

What made the previous seasons so great was the understated tension between the two. They were always on the verge of blowing up at each other but just held back and then the many poignant moments where they would be staring at each other across the table or the kitchen without speaking a single word. I absolutely loved those moments. Now, with open hostility and the introduction of new wiseguys at the beginning of season 5 it just seems like we are going back to a dour, un-interesting, stereotypical portrayal of a mob (or a glorified crew as Carmine likes to say!).

I've just watched the 1st 3 episodes of season 5 and they are not doing any better at all. Although I do like the dementia that Carrado is experiencing and the introduction of Steve Buscemi as Tony B sounds interesting. It will all depend on where they will take the character. Please don't spoil it for me I will finish watching the rest of the season this weekend and then we can have a loud, begrudging discussion about the story. I seriously, hope they are going to do some good writing for the 6th and 7th seasons they have announced. If it'll be more of the same my interest will plummet very soon.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Go Kimmy! Is Roger next?

So, finally after a long time Kim Clijsters gets her due. Fantastic game. Pity I had to miss it since I still don't have cable around here but heard about it over the phone and read about it online. A dominant performance from the Belgian. She deserved it. She has been playing like a dream especially since the 4th round. Defeating Venus Williams and the World #1 Sharapova. Good job Kim! I can see a couple more titles coming her way next year! Whoo!

Now of course we wait for the titanic contest. The one that will shake the word classic and make it more memorable than ever before. "The Boss" vs "The Legend", The old guard vs the new, the man who was vs the man who is, it is the one for the books. Take this one to the books people, I can tell you that this will be a looong match. A hell of a game at 5 sets because I think Federer has dropped down a notch and Agassi has picked up a notch. That makes this a meeting of equals. If Federer cannot find that higher gear that he usually does he'll have to face up to a monumental challenge in Agassi. If Agassi is not gassed out yet from his 5-setters then he'll need every bit of it that's left in order to overcome the best in the business. Don't you guys miss this for your life... it'll be one to remember. You'll be telling your grand-kids about this one!

Friday, September 09, 2005

The Boss!

The Boss - Roger Federer as he is being referred to in the US Open advertisement could not be more correct. He certainly seems like the boss. He defeated one of the few people who have a winning record against him in 3 straight sets in dominant fashion. I am talking of course about Nalbandian. Mr. Federer is playing at a level that no one is able to reach at this point in the game. Right now there is Federer, there is daylight and then the rest of the field. Sometimes you gotta think that you are lucky to be in the company of people who have seen greatness. Though I wished I could be at Ashe when he comes to the finals I certainly can't... No dough, bro!

Anyway, follow the USOpen and watch the Boss bring the house down! Whoo! Cable not up yet but got back power though, so I can't watch any of this. Hopefully they'll have cable by Sunday *Keeping Fingers Crossed*.

US Open 2005

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hurricane Katrina: FEMA Registration site

Hello everyone. In case you didn't know I turned out to be in the path of our mega hurricane Katrina. Either way, I'll put up the pictures and such later but right now I would like to inform anyone in the Pine Belt area that a FEMA Registration Center is being opened at Howard Computers near Sandersville, MS. You can find their website at This place will have computers ready and set to go to the FEMA registration site where you can tell the government exactly what you need and they'll try to get it to you as soon as possible! It is very helpful to let them know that you are in need of supplies for proper survival. If you have any relatives or friends who are looking for supplies soon then they can come up and register on the website here since the power is out everywhere else.

In case you need directions to get to the site:

- Get to Exit 99 (which is US Highway 11) on I-59
- If you are coming from the North then turn left and if you are coming from the south then turn right.
- You should see Magnolia hotel on your LEFT if you don't then you are going to wrong way!
- Continue on and you will see Halliburton on the right and keep going.
- Take a right on Eastview Dr and you should see a large "Howard Industries" sign on the manufacturing plant.
- You can pull into the front parking lot and walk in and computers are set up in the lobby for your use.

Please post any helpful information that you may have in the comments and I'll try to get them out to people who need it. Thanks!