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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Do we flock to Flock?

A clich├ęd headline notwithstanding the Flock browser is basically Firefox on steroids. It puts all the extended functionality such as RSS, Blogging and bookmarks at your fingertips by integrating it into firefox and creating a new interface. It's basically an upgraded, loaded firefox. It is especially useful for people who use these tools extensively. I think the only piece of the puzzle missing here is an integrated IM messenger that can talk to all IM protocols. Integrate that baby into this browser and you've got a killer product. It would really drive people in. I'm sure this is probably already on the developers' radar. But in the initial release they have done a good job, but then again how hard is it to do a good job when you're basing your product off of one of the most successful open source products right?

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hello Mr. Bond, would you like to be blonde?

So, the word's out eh? Daniel Craig is the new 007. I honestly haven't seen Layer Cake so I can't say with any authority if this guy is any good. Matter of fact Tomb Raider was the only movie of his that I have seen and his character was an A-grade idiot in that one and the role didn't really have much substance in it anyway. Either way, you don't need substance to be Bond. All you need in charisma, machismo, sense of style, martini drinking habits and of course the most important aspect "debonnair". Go look up that term and you'll know what I'm talking about.

He maybe English and he may have everything the part needs but that last part is something he'll really have to bring out on screen Pierce Brosnan with Izabella Scorupco in Goldeneye. That will define him as Bond. He is supposed to be a dyed-in-wool character actor so I would give him a chance and see how it goes. But, Mr. Brosnan is a hard act to follow for sure.

Anyway, in related news the lovable and deliriously sexy Miss. Moneypenny will not be coming back in the new movie due to the story's flashback to Bond's early service at the MI-6. Another notable exclusion of course is "Q". The new guy was okay but really you've gotta miss the old "Q", he was the bomb with his incessant chiding of 007.

Also, thankfully no more Halle Berry in the bond movies. That was a mistake that does not need to be repeated. Ugh! It was terrible! Die Another Day should've died on the cutting floor! Hopefully Mr. Craig will restore some order at MI-6 and bring those damned villains in line.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Resentment grows among earthquake victims in Pakistan and India

Resentment grows among earthquake victims in Pakistan and India

They just keep on coming this year don't they, first the Tsunami in the Indian ocean, the massive tropical rain floods in Mumbai, the hurricanes in the southeast US, the landslides in Guatemala and now the earthquakes in Pakistan/India. It has been an eventful year and the world's emergency supplies and personnel have been stretched to unknown levels.

Checkout the link above, it shows the amount of apathy that the incapable Pakistani government is experiencing through this disaster. They don't have the required emergency measures in place and now millions of people are suffering. There are mind-boggling estiamtes of 50,000 people dead. Imagine the scale of this massacre, it is more than the population of the city I'm living in right now. We are talking about a whole town being wiped out, not just property but includes the people in those towns as well.

These people have lived in isolation their entire lives and now getting them help is next to impossible. All forms of transportation access is down and air support is stretched due to the lack of equipment, supplies, personnel and disaster experience. Help is of the utmost importance. Any which way that you can help, will be useful. This is the time to come together and support the downtrodden. If you have never been involved in rescue this is your opportunity to do so.