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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

What in the F***ing world is going on...? 

I mean Arsenal goes out and so does Real Madrid both in spectacular fashion to teams that haven't tasted Champions League football in I don't know how long. This is absolutely awful. However, full marks to Monaco and Chelsea who went in as underdogs and came out absolutely brilliant.

Real never stood a chance the whole time. I mean they didn't even score at their usual rate. On a single goal from the opposition they would be scrambling like ants to score then next one for their side.

The lesser said about Arsenal the better. I think I should leave it at that... Either way.. have a good night.

whodunit again...? 

This time its india's turn, hehe!! How fast things can change, eh? What a series... Well, anyway the lesser said the better about the first day. India played like Pak did in their 2nd innings in the 1st test. Pathetic all around. There is this disease among all subcontinental teams. Apparently, they tend to assume that winning one match will give them the rest of the game. They place too much importance on their so called psychological advantage -- which in the turns out to be over confidence.

Well, either way India have their work cut out on the third day. If they are going to save this game they need to do something very fast. However, Pakistan is in the best position right now they must not lose any wickets and should play like they own this game. They should atleast put up 500 so they can defend a reasonable score for their second innings. This is the best time for them to do so. If they wait until the 4th innings of the game to win it they will be in trouble. Good luck Pak!! India's definitely on the back foot.

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